Rules and Regulations for International Shipping

Eric Pong
Rules and Regulations for International Shipping- Floship

Are you worried about the rules and regulations for your product’s final destination?

Domestic trade can be tough enough, but when you have to consider rules and regulations (as well as customs) for international trade, you may start to get worried about whether you are right to be trading internationally.
This can sometimes cause you to abandon sales to the markets that can really make your revenue soar and grow your business.
Yet is there really any need for you to worry about such matters? Or does the responsibility of knowing what to do lie with your logistics provider, like Floship?

1. Floship Processes the Packages

When you are using our services, it is our packaging team that processes your orders and sends them out.
Therefore, we need to know the regulations so we can ensure we include the correct paperwork and use the right packaging depending on the destination.
This isn’t something you are dealing with, so why spend time on it when you could be doing something more productive?

2. It Goes Through the Delivery Process Under Our Name

While your package will be delivered, from the customer’s perspective, by you, Floship will be dealing with the delivery couriers and must prepare the paperwork on your behalf to deal with national trade organizations (custom offices, etc).

3. You Pay Us to Worry About These Things

When you use Floship, you aren’t just buying the experience of having a professional logistics company. You are paying for our knowledge and contacts.
This means you can save countless hours having to start from scratch on finding the local rules and regulations by using our extensive knowledge.
It would be pointless for you to pay us to deliver your products across the world and you then have to deal with the small details. You pay us, we’ll deliver it.
Thought it is your responsibility to supply us the correct product pricing for customs and duties and to classify your product according to globally standardized HS codes.

4. You Have More Important Things to Worry About

The biggest problem with running a business is that there is always so much for you to worry about.
These various challenges, they are great for building your character but do you really need them?

Outsourcing any aspect of managing your business should mean that you don’t have to worry about the little details – we have that same thought.

This allows you to concentrate on the really important matters: such as reducing your costs, how to improve your business’ exposure online or which vendors you use to buy your products.

5. We Know When Things Change

When you are sending shipments infrequently, you might not check for changes in the rules and regulations of the nation’s shipping code – therefore you run the risk of accidentally following outdated rules, resulting in shipping delays or even fines for the improper shipping.
Instead, we ship continuously to dozens of countries around the world  (144 countries in 2015 to be exact) and we are vigilant of changes to shifts in regulations. Therefore, when a rule or regulation is about to be altered, we can be proactive to ensure that future shipments meet the new requirements.
This saves you a lot of work and money, and can be a great advantage of using a professional logistics company.


Don’t worry about your shipments across the world when you can entrust your delivery with a professional fulfillment company and you know that every order will be handled with quality, care and will pass all rules and regulations for cross border trade.

  • Have you ever had a package fail to pass rules and regulations?
  • What happened?


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