Shopify is Changing the eCommerce Game 

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Shopify is Changing the eCommerce Game - Floship

The game changer in the world of eCommerce, no other than the Shopify platform.
Essentially, the shopping app packages the entire mobile shopping experience, namely, discovery, payment, and delivery into a single application. Consumers log onto the app with an email, following the different Shopify-powered brands that are populating the personalized news feed of recommended products. 
They make a selection of products, proceed to check-out and keep track of the delivery. Indeed, Shopify is the perfect mobile shopping application at present, and Shopify web development services continue to soar. 

The Best Online Store Builder

Shopify is deemed as the best eCommerce platform in today’s market.
Designed to help people build scalable, online shops with its hundreds of built-in features and tons of apps, Shopify is the most sought-after shopping platform nowadays. Directly selling products and services on the web, across social media and various marketplaces is easy with Shopify. 
When starting an eCommerce business, there are many things you have to worry about, including getting the product-market fit right, products sourcing, inventory management, and making a marketing strategy.
If you have not developed experience yourself, consider letting an expert, such as a Shopify development agency handle the development side of things. Hiring a developer allows you to spend more time on crafting other aspects of the business. 
Out-of-the-box, the platform is the most powerful eCommerce website builder. It has everything you could possibly need for setting up and managing your business. More and more brick-and-mortar stores are moving online, while popular eCommerce brands are opening up brick-and-mortar stores. 
In eCommerce today, nothing is the same as it was ten years back. Everyone with a business in the 21st century naturally knows about Shopify. However, despite its pervasiveness, few completely understand the considerable return on investment that it offers. 
The founders of the platform, out of necessity developed it after finding out that the present eCommerce options were not enough for selling. They came up with Shopify with an open-source framework. Since then it has grown its capabilities to include features such as user engagement, marketing and a whole lot more. 

Shopify, what is it Exactly?

In eCommerce and marketing conversations nowadays, Shopify is one of the solutions that’s often brought up.
Everyone nods in agreement, but only few understand the platform’s logistics. Simply put, Shopify is a suite of products for online point of sale and eCommerce transactions. 
It’s a platform that enables those with a limited budget enter the eCommerce environment, allows those who have bigger budgets to grow their brand, and perhaps most importantly, allow physical stores to bridge the gap between in-person business and online sale, thanks to Shopify’s proprietary POS system.
For a lot of various businesses, Shopify is a lot of things, thus it has become pervasive among successful online marketing and eCommerce in the past decade. 
Its suite of products and services could be scaled to any size of business. Digital sales, consultations, physical sales, ticketing, lessons, rentals, and a whole lot more—Shopify is meant to be a one-stop shop for all eCommerce things.
For those who aspire to become entrepreneurs online, this is particularly appealing. 

Why build with Shopify?

The need and demand for Shopify development has grown in leaps and bounds. The platform has long been the preferred choice for sellers who go for simplicity and rich features in managing their eCommerce shops. Shopify comes with the following benefits:

1. Beautifully pleasing.

The platform has a plethora of modern and professional templates to build beautifully pleasing online shops. Although it comes with bare themes, working with Shopify theme development designers and developers would bring a richer user experience and user interface to visitors.

2. Simple usage.

Unlike other eCommerce solutions, Shopify has no fuss and is easy to set up and user for both developers and non-developers. It provides software and hosting to launch a website. Furthermore, the admin interface is user-friendly and intuitive.

3. Reliable and secure.

Building and managing an online shop that takes care of sensitive user information, such as personal details and credit card information, as an entrepreneur you would want it to be reliable and secure. Shopify embraces these via regular maintenance and upgrades.

4. Application integrations.

The shopping platform also lets you customize your online shop easily, as well as integrate apps, enabling adding more rich features and functionality to boost it.

5. Fast Speed.

Another benefit to Shopify is its fast speed because of the optimized hardware and software. Loading time has a significant effect on the bottom line, as customers tend to leave a site that takes even more than four seconds to load. Thus, it’s essential to go for a fast hosted solution.

6. Outstanding marketing tools.

Shopify offers some marketing perks as well to grow a business. The basic version provides several nice analytics tools and SEO features. Moreover, it offers features such as discount coupons, store statistics, email marketing, gift cards, and so much more.
Why a Platform like Shopify is the future of eCommerce

Why a Platform like Shopify is the future of eCommerce

The worldwide eCommerce sales are projected to reach almost $5 trillion within this year or the next. The figure represents a growth of 265 percent compared to 2014. The growth could be attributed hugely to new global market opportunities. 
Next year, almost 20 percent of eCommerce sales would be attributed to overseas consumers. The same goes for the domestic consumer base as the internet breaks cultural boundaries and regional divisions. Consumers now could engage with foreign brands like never before, thanks to eCommerce. 
Business is booming, and it needs a robust infrastructure to support the unrivaled growth. Currently, Shopify and Shopify app development is the competitive huge dog in the world of eCommerce, but there are also others. Nonetheless, what makes it stand out and what makes it truly stand out among the rest is its versatility. 
A connected eCommerce experience depends on the success of various factors. Whatever you are selling, whether from your physical shop or your basement, eCommerce is a great equalizer. Deep pockets that equate automatically to lasting business no longer exist these days. 
These days, a resonate brand, savvy strategy, and even compassionate business practices could lead to repeat business. Credits to platforms such as Shopify, the entry barrier into the eCommerce world never has been lower. Anyone with a robust work ethic, good idea, and a bit of luck could succeed in the online marketplace. 

Major Opportunities that drive Shopify’s Future Growth

International Growth

Although the shopping platform has operations in 175 countries worldwide, it might be surprising for investors to know that the majority of the sales generated are in North America. The company has been working hard at expanding its international reach and operations, as well as providing localized tools for the worldwide merchant base. 
Today, Shopify is available in 20 different languages and the Shopify Payments has expanded to fifteen countries. At the end of last year, more merchants in the world launched their businesses on Shopify. 

Fulfillment Network

The Shopify Fulfillment Network has only been passed last year, but all the indications signal that the future for the network is bright. Hundreds of thousands of merchants have expressed their desire to be part of the access program. Shopify since then has taken a measured approach, adding only ‘dozens of merchants’ but maintaining focus on quality of performance over scale at the early stage. 


This year would be a ‘heavy investment’ for Shopify, as more and more entrepreneurs are considering investing in Shopify solutions.
The Coronavirus pandemic, while halting a lot of businesses and impacting millions of workers all over the world, people have seen opportunity to do business online, as restrictions and border controls are being implemented. With the need for people to stay indoors, online shopping has further expanded. 


Shira Gray is working as a Business Development Executive at WordPress Development Company – She writes about emerging technologies. Being a tech geek, she keeps a close watch over the industry focusing on the latest technology news and gadgets.

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