7 Important Elements to Include in a Successful Shopify Store

Eric Pong
7 Important Elements to Include in a Successful Shopify Store - Floship

One of the best business opportunities online has to be e-commerce.
The ability to reach a global audience makes your customer base virtually limitless, with considerable potential for fast growth. In fact, the market research company Statista have predicted worldwide sales from e-commerce will hit $4.5 trillion in 2021.
Among the most popular e-commerce platforms is Shopify, providing far more than just a store builder. It is, however, essential to optimize your store to ensure maximum profitability.
The following elements can all be used to increase engagement, sales, and profitability in most cases.

Quality Design

The overall design of the site will be vital in keeping visitors engaged.
No single model is guaranteed to work for every market, but there are some consistent themes. A minimal theme can be useful as it doesn’t ask the visitor to do much work finding items.
Use typography that is clean and readable, while ensuring content is accessible across all devices. Choose high-quality images that are aspirational, with a color palette that follows a consistent theme. 

Video Content

Videos are well understood to increase engagement levels online.
However, many e-commerce store owners don’t realize that product videos can lead to significantly improved sales. Not only do visitors spend longer on your site with a video, but they also learn more about the products and brand.
Useful videos will look professional, so you may need to hire a specialized company. To work out the most effective video length and style, split-test different content on each product page.
Videos are well understood to increase engagement levels online.

Customer Support

Visible customer support will make a difference to your income, helping to secure sales and increase trust.
Many Shopify stores are run by individuals who don’t dedicate the time to providing quality customer support. By offering a superior service, customers are more likely to return to you.
Look to have visible contact details, with live chat an effective way to respond to questions. Additionally, an active Facebook page can help to resolve common issues quickly.

Cart Abandonment Discount

Cart abandonment is a persistent problem for store owners, but if you can reduce the numbers of visitors who walk away, it is possible to make a big difference to store income.
Adding a discount if visitors attempt to leave the checkout page can lead to a bump in sales. Individuals often feel a level of reluctance during the purchase process, but a discount can be enough to sway a good percentage of people.

Mobile-Friendly Experience

Creating a mobile-friendly experience is essential as a significant proportion of visitors will be using mobile devices.
You may choose to go for a mobile-first strategy, building a store designed primarily for mobile devices. A site of this kind will still be accessible for desktop users, but they won’t be the main priority.
Analyzing your market and trends will indicate the audience demographics and the type of devices they will most commonly be using.
Mobile-Friendly Experience


Visitors are becoming more conscious of site security, particularly on platforms that are taking payments.
Your store should have SSL encryption and use a secure payment processor. To maximize sales, though, it is important to indicate your commitment to security with security seals and payment symbols that increase trust levels.

Credit Card Payments

Credit cards are by far the most preferred payment method when it comes to making online purchases. This checklist by BluePay goes over everything you need to accept card payments.
eCommerce Credit Card Requirements Checklist
Created by BluePay

Final Words

Running a Shopify store is a competitive endeavor.
Products can often be replicated, with marketers looking for potentially profitable sites to copy. Finding an edge is a proven way to stay ahead of the competition, making incremental increases in profit that you can reinvest into the business.
When you can increase your profit margin, bidding more for advertising also lets you grow the business quickly. Ensuring your store stands out is a vital part of e-commerce, so including elements that improve the buying experience can make all the difference.

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