5 technology Trends for Retail and E-Commerce Business in 2019

Technology Trends E-Commerce 2019
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During the past couple of decades, the way business is being directed, and the procedures are being performed have changed. 
On account of the phenomenal growth of the Internet and usage of mobile technology, a lot of unbelievable things have been made possible over the World Wide Web. The retail industry has taken a cue to the contemporary progressive changes – to discover a suitable niche on the web. Online retail stores are the order of the day now.
The idea of E-Commerce, particularly online retail business, came into pervasiveness since the mid-1990s. It has been advancing incredibly, enhancing the lives of the regular man and enterprises both. 
Markets will be enormously impacted by emerging technologies in the year 2019, changing how organizations and buyers communicate with one another. Portable E-Commerce has become the norm.
There’s continuously a constant change in customer trends and events of imaginative changes in the technology front. This change requires retail organizations to monitor them for succeeding and sustaining.

Emerging 7 technology Trends in the Global E-Commerce and Retail Industry

Coming up next are the significant trends that are expected to shape the E-Commerce, and online retail advertises: 

  • Improved choices for shipping: 

Innovative strategies for delivery and short delivery time capacity will engage multiple customers.

  • Advertising automation: 

Automated email campaigns, planned online networking posts, and customized leading page -, automation in the market space will end up being well known during this year

  • Programmatic advertising:

The new methodology of relevant and programmatic promoting will be embraced broadly. Thus, embracing this methodology can reap great results.

  • Snap and shop:

 This new pattern will utilize photograph applications to empower customers to point their cameras toward their expected items and order online for the same. As a result, convenience in e-commerce shall increase.

  • ROPO will turn into a prevailing fashion:

Enabling deal trackers to benefit from the ideal deals, the act of online research-purchase offline (ROPO) will see an ascent in the future.

  • Expanding deals through influencer advertising: 

Online influencers tangibly affect the current purchasers. This part of marketing will procure more enormous popularity in 2019.

  • Expanded utilization of subscription-based model:

 Subscription-based plans of action will observe an ascent, encouraging new E-Commerce stores to acquire recurring deals on a yearly or monthly basis.

Last-Mile Delivery – Latest Trend for eCommerce and Retail Business

Last-mile delivery is the movement of merchandise from a transportation center or stockroom to its last delivery destination. Most of the time, that final goal is reaching the customer. The objective of the last-mile delivery is to deliver items to the client as fast as possible while limiting organization costs. 

The Latest Trends in Last-Mile Delivery 

Here are a few of the trends in the last-mile delivery system:

  • Gig economy and crowdsourcing
  • Rapid order fulfillment
  • Increased USPS handling
  • In-house delivery services
  • Upselling during delivery
  • Smart technology
  • Warehouses in major cities
  • Improved traceability
  • Self-driving delivery vehicles
  • Anticipatory shipping

The order fulfillment procedure starts when the client puts in a request and finishes when the item shows up securely on their doorstep. It is that last stage in the delivery procedure. This stage represents the most significant test and the highest cost for some retailers, and it is called the last-mile delivery system.

What direction the Global E-Com and Retail Businesses tend to Lean-to, in 2019?

Today, it is practically essential for any business to have its very own mobile application. The once obscure online retail application development has turned out to be a critical need now. Coming up next are the potential trends that are relied upon to shape retail and e-commerce in 2019

  • Customization and expanded client commitment 

In contrast to customary retail business, retail stores include one to one interaction. To give the in-store retail features online, E-Commerce will use personalization options, over the whole shopping adventure of clients and will also utilize Retail delivery software

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and Chatbots 

Robots, like chatbots, are going to play a tremendous job in E-Commerce stores in the future. AI-based procedures will transform the overall shopping experience of clients.

  • Search choices will break boundaries 

With time, web-based shopping search will get increasingly fascinating and advantageous. It will progressively utilize voice and visual methods. Cell phones, particularly smartphones, are going to be dominatingly used for internet shopping search process.

  • Increased and smarter payment alternatives 

There are many occurrences when even after having made up their minds, clients sneak away for the reason that payment procedure is confounded.
In the future, the payment procedure related to online retail will become comfortable, straightforward, and simple for clients. In addition to engaging buyers to pay through credit/debit cards, progressively advanced choices and cryptographic forms of money will emerge that will make the payment process simple for customers.

The move towards Blockchain 

Even though Blockchain is in its beginning stage, Blockchain-based E-Commerce applications are likely to have enormous potential in the future. Retail delivery software is going to play a massive role in the online retail business.


Mobile technology has been seeing enduring advancement throughout the years. Straightforward and speedy purchase potential has rendered online retail as a much sought after idea among present-day clients. With several enterprises pitching for their piece of the pie, on the E-Commerce industry, it is fundamental to stay up with the most recent trends in it. The fruitful online retail application development requires a close watch on the interests and inclinations of clients just as the inescapable technology trends.

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