The Increase of Eco-Friendly Products and Packaging

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Why is there an increased demand for eco-friendly products and packaging?

The rise of conscious consumerism has directly impacted the way in which companies and retailers are manufacturing their products. A ‘conscious consumer’ is an individual who considers the social, ecological, environmental and political impact of products, leading them to make positive decisions regarding the purchase.
It is more evident than ever that we are currently facing a global, environmental crisis which is leading many more people to think twice about how they shop. A recent survey shows that one third of UK consumers alone are concerned about the issues regarding the origin of products, and 74% of people are willing to pay extra for their clothes if they were ethically sourced and produced.
The large number of companies using excessive packaging and harmful materials means conscious consumers are desperate for an alternative option. This means more companies are beginning to incorporate the use of recyclable materials into their packaging in order to keep up with the increasing number of conscious consumers, and their high demand for ecologically aware brands and products.

The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Packaging

Eco-friendly packaging has many benefits for the consumer and from a business perspective. Not only can it cut costs, but it obviously has a much more positive impact on the environment in comparison to standard packaging. Some of the main benefits include the following:

  1. Eco-friendly packaging is easy to dispose of as it can be easily recycled and sometimes composted if it is highly biodegradable.
  2. The production of eco-friendly packaging releases fewer carbon emissions than traditional packaging methods during production and uses less energy-heavy resources reducing carbon footprint.
  3. Eco-packaging is much healthier for both the manufacturer and consumer as it contains no harmful synthetic or chemical-laden materials that are known for causing detrimental health problems.
  4. Companies that use eco-friendly packaging from ethically sourced materials immediately position themselves as a conscious supplier attracting conscious consumers as a result, improving brand image and attracting loyalty. Studies also show that customers feel more positively towards companies that use green packaging.
  5. Not only does eco-friendly packaging cost less to produce, but it can also be bought in bulk offering a lower cost per unit and it is cheaper to ship as fewer materials are needed to make it, meaning it generally weighs less.


How Eco-Friendly Products can improve Your Lifestyle

As well as having many obvious benefits from a business perspective, incorporating eco-friendly products into your everyday life can also improve your lifestyle and wellbeing. Research has shown that products made from plastic and other non-recyclable materials can contain harmful chemicals and BPA which are known to cause a number of health problems. Switching to using eco-friendly alternatives

How to recognise an Eco-Friendly Product

When shopping online or in store for eco-friendly products, there are often key indicators that will tell you whether a product has been sourced and produced sustainably. Look out for the following symbols:

  • Green Seal – for cleaning products that are safe for the environment
  • Energy Star – for energy saving electrical products
  • Mobius Loop – this indicates whether the product is recyclable

For the full list of recycling symbols click here

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