7 Crowdfunding Tips to Launch a Successful Campaign

Eric Pong
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For a long time, you’ve been looking for a way to fund your business, and you’ve recently learned about crowdfunding but don’t know much about it. In case you’re not familiar with how to start a crowdfunding campaign, we’ll start with these 7 crowdfunding tips to launch a successful campaign. What is it exactly and how can it benefit your business? If you dig a little deeper, you’ll find these crowdfunding tips really useful for your online commerce.
A crowdfunding campaign is an effective way to fund a project or a business by raising small amounts of money from different sources, a crowd if you want to be practical.

1. Tell a Story

First, you need to explain where your idea comes from. This is when you want to grab the attention of potential funders, to explain why you need their help to push your business forward.
Talk about your business and why it’s important to be part of its growth.
Here are some tips to help you build a story that is both attractive and convincing:
1. Start by pointing out the first idea to launch your business. It doesn’t matter if it was something too simple at first. The idea is to show how far you’ve come from the very first spark.
2. Point out the uniqueness of your business idea. By highlighting why your product is different from a whole industry’s offer will catch the attention of more than one potential partner.

Nail Your Storytelling!

Besides the process of building a compelling message, these are the fundamentals to succeed while telling the story about your business:
1. Universal. Great stories happen only once, but the human condition has always lived through the same emotions. This means you need to address real feelings to make it relatable and focused on human nature.
2. Clear. You must be clear about what you’re telling. Show passion for your story, but remain clear to where you’re headed.
3. Surprising. Stories that end unexpectedly and challenge our perception of reality are the most successful. Focus on leaving the best part to an unexpected turn when you’re telling it.
4. Simple. People have a sense of good stories. We enjoy them and are always seeking for new things; being that said, you need to know when to stop adding layers to a story. Keep it simple and direct your efforts to one storyline rather than trying to write a tangled plot. Keep in mind that you’re sketching a story with a goal: to get people to participate in your business, and the goal goes worldwide.
Remember that these crowdfunding tips will launch a successful campaign, but not without good storytelling. Once your story has landed, make sure you include your branding assets when you’re presenting your campaign. Follow your business colors, keep your visual identity and most importantly, present your logo and briefly talk about why it represents your project.
Currently, there are tons of options for you to come up with these assets in a short time. Do you need to know how to make a logo? Try using online tools instead; this way you can save time and resources. It is possible to achieve a professional result without spending hundreds.
Online tools for Logo Design

2. Show the Benefits of Joining Your Business

Show people why being part of your business will help them grow theirs or eventually reward them personally.
Crowdfunding for business is especially helpful for those who are trying new things on the
market, so make sure you point out the outstanding benefits of introducing your product to the world.
Also, point out what are people contributing to in exchange for their money. Are they becoming part of the business? Will they be rewarded? Do they get to try your product eventually? Be clear on this from the start and you’ll be on the right track.

3. Set a Clear Funding Goal

Be clear on why you’re seeking help. Set precise goals and point out numbers and quantities to be achieved.
Creating graphics and charts for this will be the best way to represent the road you’re willing to achieve. Establish a due date for ending the campaign and sharing the results; if possible, don’t reschedule the due date, since this would seem a little unprofessional for those investing in your project.

4. Create Attractive Visuals

When launching the campaign, your visuals must be eye-catching; otherwise, it will dilute among a universe of content. It’s no secret that people are mostly influenced by sight, whatever
amuses the eye will catch our attention.
Focus your efforts on creating a short but powerful presentation that calls to action without being too pushy, the thing is to persuade your audience and convince them to participate, in the long term this will reflect real commitment and they’ll be eager to join you for future projects.
Campaign visual

5. Promote Your Campaign Online

When running an online business, the campaign should be part of the content you promote, besides the content you post to promote your product regularly.
Great thing is that there are numerous channels to get your campaign up and running. You can go for a strategy that covers social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and
YouTube, contact a couple of influencers to help you get the word out, or host a live event to talk to people about your business or online commerce, and launch the campaign in real-time.

6. Compensate Those Who Participate

Establish how you would like to reward those who become part of the campaign. Funders will back your project if they’re convinced of its potential to thrive, but step it up a little by offering
perks and backer rewards for those who voluntarily support you.
Set a realistic budget that will allow you to keep your promise all the way through when the campaign ends. This could be a membership to get your product or service regularly, discounts, an exchange sponsorship, or a bundle of promotional products to thank them for their funding.

7. Share the Outcome

Once the crowdfunding campaign is over, you must share the results with those who participated.
Additionally, you need to keep them updated when the campaign is moving forward. Keep them interested and let them know about milestones, this could help you spread the word among their connections, and adding new pledgers won’t harm your campaign at all!
If you’re using crowdfunding platforms for this campaign, explore the options to watch and control the progress. Yes, the goal is important and is the main reason why you started the campaign in the first place, but your backers should be the top priority when communicating how things go.

You’re All Set, Launch Your Campaign!

Successful campaigns can potentially transform into a long-lasting ecommerce brand or a campaign to launch regularly and gradually grow your business. These crowdfunding tips will help you launch a successful campaign and set ground stones for growth.

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