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It is true that the e-commerce industry is a trillion-dollar industry, and the competition is enormous. If you want to get your products off their digital shelves and into people’s homes, you need to keep your visitors engaged by writing good and persuasive copy for your online store and products. 
No doubt, your website design is top-notch, you even sell some of the best products out there, but if you fail to incorporate good content for your products and website, you may not be able to achieve your desired result in terms of good ROI. 
A lot of online stores fail to take advantage of the enormous potential good content brings to e-commerce websites. PPC Ads and SEO are great marketing strategies for your online store; however, if you want to get a huge boost in traffic and increase conversions, you have to also write good, engaging, and persuasive copy for your online store.

Why You Need Good Copywriting For Your E-Commerce Website

The importance of your website’s copy cannot be over-emphasized. It is the foundation on which your brand stands. If you want to see high conversion rates for your website, then you need to write good copy. Here’s why;

  • Good copywriting informs your visitors about your products, as well as the features and benefits of your products. 
  • Writing great content for your website will evoke the emotions of your visitors and convince them to take the necessary action.
  • Good copywriting for your store will engage your visitors, they are able to know the value of your brand, identify with it, and become loyal customers. They may decide to share some of your content with friends on social media.

Improving your e-commerce website copy can lead to an increase in conversion rate for your website. Here are some examples;

  • After improving their homepage copy, Freckle Time experienced a 2.4x conversion rate for their homepage.
  • Invesp focused on value proposition throughout their website, and as a result, the conversion rate for their blog’s podcast increased by 90%.
  • When Encyclopedia Britannica changed their sales page copy, their conversion rate increased by 103%.

These are just some of the many real life examples. Now, you know the direct positive impact that good copywriting can have on your e-commerce website. You can make use of online translation services like The Word Point to write quality content for your website in any language.
As an online store owner, writing good product description page, about us page, home page, and good landing page copy can bring about better conversion rates for your e-commerce website. 

Tips on the tactics and tools you can use to write copy that converts for your e-commerce website:

Research And Write Blog Post Topics That Will Increase Your Website Traffic And Sell Your Products

You need to brainstorm and come up with topics that can engage your audience, drive targeted traffic to your online store, and boost sales for your e-commerce business. Your website’s blog should contain these captivating posts.
To achieve this, go through the analytics of your online store and look for your top-performing products, make a list of about 10 of these products on your spreadsheet and begin to write content to promote them.
You can also use a keyword research tool to generate profitable keywords that you can use when writing blog posts for your top-selling products. Some good keyword research tools you can use are, Serpstat, Ahrefs, and SEMRush.

Use Power Words and Action Words

Using trigger words to capture the attention of your audience when writing your website copy is very important. These are strong words that bring out the emotional side of your audience. 
Using power words in your website copy and product descriptions can transform your product descriptions from an ordinary product description into a captivating one that generates emotions from your readers. 
Examples of power words include; staggering, breathtaking, stunning, best-selling, authentic, amazing, audacious, eye-opening, guaranteed, etc.
Action words, on the other hand, do not evoke emotions, but they instruct your prospective customers to take action. Examples include; Add, act, buy, begin, collect, create choose, hurry, listen, etc.

Write Your Product Descriptions In Full

A lot of online store owners do not write their product descriptions in full. They still leave certain details that leave visitors confused. Details such as type of material, color, dimensions are missing in most product descriptions, and this can affect conversion rate for your online store. 
Do not give your visitors a half-baked product description. If you want your product descriptions in other languages, you can make use of online translation services for such purposes.

Don’t Ignore Your Other Unique Pages

A lot of online store owners concentrate their efforts on writing the product description page and pay less attention to other unique pages such as the About us page, homepage, FAQ page, mission statement, etc. 
These pages are equally important as they give visitors a lot of information about your brand and your personality. You need to write your unique pages in a way that your visitors are able to connect with your brand. Tell your brand’s story in a unique way.

Use The Right Formatting

A  research conducted by Neilson Norman Group on how website visitors read content online revealed that 79% of website visitors scan through the pages of most e-commerce websites in an F-shaped pattern. 
They look from left to right of a page and then move their eyes downwards.
This means that a lot of people visiting your online store do not take the time to read through the pages line by line; instead, they scan through the pages. 
As a result, you need to write your content in a way that your visitors are able to see the most important points when they scan through your pages.

To properly format your e-commerce writing the right way, follow these guidelines;

  • Follow a hierarchical pattern. The most important points should be written in the first few paragraphs at the beginning of your content.
  • Use bold headings and sub-headings to grab the attention of your readers quickly.
  • Your page layout should be in two columns when writing your product description. Your product image should be on the left, then the text describing your product should be on the right.
  • Use bullet points to highlight the important features and benefits of your products.
  • Use large fonts to make it easier to read.


You need to breathe life into the content on your e-commerce website as they hold the key to generating traffic for your website and boosting your sales potential.
It is good for you to have great products, and good product images, but it is the written content on your website that really gives your visitors a lot of information about you and your brand and convinces them to purchase your goods. 
Your visitors will know your story; they will be able to connect with your store emotionally and become loyal to your brand if your story resonates with them.
If you want to succeed in your e-commerce business, then you have to optimize all your website pages for good quality written content, and all pages include your homepage, FAQ page, about us page, mission page, and product description page.

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