The State of Voice Ordering in E-commerce and How to Prepare for The Future

voice ordering in e-commerce
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In 2018 more than 60% of customers who were technically equipped to buy via voice command have used this possibility at least once.

The fact that the recommendation from a virtual assistant changed the mind of 85% of customers who have intended to buy a specific brand or a product, and then went for the recommended one, provides a valuable insight into how voice technology can be used for SEO and marketing.

While we see a lot of potential in voice commerce, it is important to ask the crucial question: how many people across the globe have the necessary equipment to use this feature?

More than 500 million people are using Google Assistant devices. The numbers are pretty much the same when it comes to Apple Siri devices. Take away 100 million or so and you will get the number of customers using Microsoft Cortana devices. Amazon Alexa devices are still taking a smaller share of the cake with little over 100 million users.

Still, no one can deny that Amazon has quite possibly the best grasp on the market with more than 10.000 employees working on Alexa and the Echo.

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