Why Your Online Business Needs Video Marketing

Eric Pong
Why Your Online Business Needs Video Marketing - Floship

So you’re an online seller and have not yet fully implemented videos into your marketing campaigns. Still need convincing as to why you need to create videos to market your products?
Here’s why using video in your marketing is a major advantage that will take your business to the next level:

1. Increase in traffic, conversions and sales

87% of marketers said that video increased traffic to their website in 2019. 
Having videos on your website, either telling your audience more about your company and what it does, or videos showing and explaining your products, has been shown to significantly boost conversion rates.

2. Great ROI

Video yields a good return on investment, according to 89% of marketers. 
These days video production is getting less and less expensive, with even iPhone cameras now having 4K video resolution. You do not need to aim for the highest production quality, as online video consumers now care more about the quality of the content rather than the video quality.

3. SEO friendly

Google shows a higher preference towards video content, and is more likely to feature a website that has video embedded on the page. 
If you also take time to optimize the video for search engines with good use of title and description, you’re even more likely to climb the Google ranks!

4. Video helps builds trust

By showing your potential customers the real faces and voices of your company, it helps them relate more to you and what you do. 
Humans need more personalized interactions in order to build trust and long term relationships. If they know and trust who they’re buying from, they are more likely to become loyal customers. 

5. Helps explain your products better

Potential customers are more likely to convert if they can learn to understand your products better before they make the purchasing decision. 
If your product contains interesting features, video is the best way to show your customers exactly how your product works. Although they say a picture contains a thousand words, a video is sure to tell an even fuller story. 
Even if you’re selling commonly known products such as apparel, a video showing someone wearing it in context will appeal to consumers more so than only a still image.

6. Easy to digest

You might have noticed that these days when we look for information online, we tend to choose video explainer videos over reading articles. 
It might just be laziness – or we’ve become more time conscious, and want to get the information we’re looking for in a quick and easy package so that we can get what we need and move on to the next thing.
Videos are more engaging than text and images, and it can provide much more information about products and services in just a few minutes compared to articles and manuals.

7. Increases engagement and social shares

Because video content is more engaging and easily digestible compared to written information, it is twice as likely to get shared among friends on social sites. Especially if a video happens to also be entertaining.
Social media sites are also pushing for more use of video content, and videos posted to your social media tends to get higher engagement rates.

Bonus: How to make a good marketing video

Knowing the benefits of including videos in your marketing campaigns, you may be wondering how to get started and what type of video content to create.
This infographic from HUSTLR shows you everything you need to know:
A Guide On How To Make A Marketing Video

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