6 Keys to Writing an Engaging Kickstarter Campaign

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Kickstarter campaigns are a great way to get your project funded.
Your pitch is one of the most important parts of your campaign. It’s your opportunity to explain what makes your idea special and worthy of people’s money.
You need a good project title, a story that explains why you’re running the campaign, a convincing message that is communicated effectively, a well written pitch, and video thumbnails that grab attention.
Here are six keys to writing an engaging Kickstarter campaign.

1. Clear Project Titles that are Not Salesy

“If your product name naturally grabs attention, think about letting it stand alone as your title.
If this isn’t the case then try following this formula, Product name: Value proposition.
Don’t worry too much about coming up with your value proposition; quite often your value proposition is simply the reason you created the product you’re selling,” advises Joseph Perry, copywriter at Australian Help.
Think back to when you came across the problem you designed your product to be the solution to. How did you solve that problem? Think about who will love your product and why.
The answers to these questions are a great starting point for you value proposition. Write variations on your starting point.
To make sure you’re focusing on its uniqueness, try starting it with words such as “the first ____,” “the affordable ____,” or “the green version of ____” for example.

2. Tell a Story

People love stories, tell a powerful story to accompany your pitch.
Having trouble thinking of your story? Don’t worry, there are some basic plots out there to help you decide where your story fits.
Overcoming the monster involves you having to defeat an antagonistic entity and protect something. Or you could tell a story of rags to riches, and back to rags again.
Maybe you had a successful startup, then lost it all in an economic crash, but now you’re back! Maybe it’s been a long journey for you to get to where you are, so tell people about your quest.
You could establish yourself as an underdog, or maybe even an antihero. One particularly powerful narrative is a story of redemption, or rebirth.
Maybe you spent a decade in a soul-sucking corporate job and now you’ve found the joy of working with people and living simply.
There’s a reason Kickstarter calls their pitch page’s primary section ‘Story’, people care about why you do what you do.

3. Your Message

You need a message for your campaign; pitch to your hopeful supporters why they should give you their hard-earned money.
Tell them how it’s going to improve their lives or how they will enjoy it. Explain why you want to do it, and how their money will be used.
Show them you’re an authority by talking about your experience and credentials. Talk about why your project is better than similar campaigns.
Use social proof in your Kickstarter campaignDemonstrate a little social proof. Explain how people are already excited about your project so your idea seems worthwhile. Be sure to thank all your supporters, shout out to supporters on your social media.
After all, without these people your campaign couldn’t happen.

4. How You Communicate Your Message

Make sure you know your audience and write for them.
Think about the questions they would ask. Use expressions they would use.
Keep your language positive. Say “take this chance” rather than “don’t miss out.” Avoid using words like “help” or “support”, which people associate with e-begging.
Instead, frame it positively as an opportunity to get involved with something they will enjoy and benefit from. Show how passionate you are about your campaign by using words such as “discover” and “together.”
Talk directly to the reader in the second person, addressing them as “you” and using “us.”

5. Write an Engaging Kickstarter Campaign

Writing engaging copy is another good way to get people interested in your campaign.
Writing doesn’t come easily to everyone, so don’t be afraid to get some help from the professionals. Here are some resources to get you started:
#1. Via Writing and SimpleGrad – These are grammar resources where you can check to make sure your copy is grammatically correct. Nobody wants to donate to a campaign that can’t even properly edit their page’s copy.
#2. UKTopWriters and UKWritings – These are proofreading tools you can use to make sure your kickstarter’s copy is free of errors.
#3. MyWritingWay and WritingPopulist – These are useful writing communities where you can find lots of advice and ideas about how to make your copy more engaging and interesting.
#4. TopCanadianWriters and StudentWritingServices – These are online editing tools you can use to make sure your copy is polished and flows well. Demonstrate that you are a professional by ensuring your pitch page does not have any errors.
#5. AcademAdvisor and Essayroo – These are useful writing guides that will show you how to properly craft your copy. You’ll find help with structure, formatting, and telling a compelling story.

6. Video Thumbnails that Pull Viewers In

You can pull in a lot of views with a well thought out thumbnail, and that can obviously be a big boost to your campaign.
A good thumbnail should make your viewer want to click. People want to click on a thumbnail that suggests a story and piques their curiosity. Include something human in the shot.
Choose an image that will scale well for mobile devices. Have writing on the screen that hints about something interesting contained within the video.
Show an action shot or someone doing something silly. Create a sense of mystery.
Video thumbnails that pull viewers in.


Kickstarter campaigns are a great way to fund your project if they are executed effectively.
Writing an engaging pitch is important. Start by coming up with a clear project title that does not come off as salesy.
Tell a story that explains where you’ve come from and why you’re running a campaign. Pitch a convincing message. Remember that how you say it can be as important as what you say.
Don’t forget to get help writing, editing, and proofreading your copy. Visuals matter, so use video thumbnails to your full advantage.
Follow these six keys to write an engaging kickstarter campaign.

Grace Carter is a proofreader at Revieweal and Essayroo, where she helps with content management and publications. Also, Grace tutors students at UK essay writing services, website that has lots of valuable info on writing.

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