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A Crash Course on Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding Crash Course

Entrepreneurs have generally heard the term “crowdfunding” before, but may not have a full understanding of what it means or whether it is the right choice for them. Put simply, crowdfunding is the act of raising funds by collecting small contributions from many sources instead of one large lump sum from a single source. A […]

  • August 23, 2019

Crowdfunding: Raising Money from Strangers

crowdfunding money

Crowdfunding is an innovative concept that involves persuading people and organizations to contribute small amounts of money to fund projects or businesses. You can raise hundreds, thousands or even millions of dollars, depending on how creative and viable your business proposition is. Suppose you convince thousands of people, and each of them contributes $10, $100 […]

  • March 14, 2019

Your Kickstarter Campaign — Three Prelaunch Stages to Never Overlook

Kickstarter Campaign Stages

Everyday, the importance of crowdfunding as an alternative source of financing seems to grow. The model has had such resounding success that it has attracted everyone from “starving artists” to entrepreneurs, even big businesses like Sony. Some say the success of crowdfunding is from more consumers seeking more personal connections with their choice of products. […]

  • February 26, 2019

8 Things to Keep in Mind When Crowdfunding Your Future Business

Some entrepreneurs are more experienced than others. There are those who already dipped their toes in one or more crowdfunding campaigns, those who may know people who did and get advice from them and then there are those to whom it may be a completely new ball game. Regardless of how familiar you are with […]

  • February 13, 2019

Crowdfunding in China: Practices and Trends You Need to Know

Crowdfunding in China

Crowdfunding only hit the business world a decade ago, but it has already revolutionized the way we do business. Through platforms like Indiegogo and Kickstarter, any entrepreneur with a strong idea and a good plan can attract backers to financially support their product. When banks are unwilling or unable to lend entrepreneurs and innovators the […]

  • January 3, 2019

Easy Ways You Can Turn Crowdfunding Into Success

Crowdfunding Success

Is crowdfunding really worth it? When one hears stories like that of the Zano pocket drone, one wonders if the gamble that is crowdfunding, is really worth it. The crowdfunding world is so rife with stories of backers getting losing their investments, that it’s almost enough to give up on backing projects. In 2013, the […]

  • September 9, 2018

Crowdfunding Fulfillment: 5 Ways to Make it Easy

Crowdfunding Fulfillment

Once your crowdfunding campaign has finished on one of the popular crowdfunding websites, your task is to then reward those who have helped you, with the products you’ve promised. Rewards offered by those crowdfunding, commonly include DVDs, clothes, posters, toys and games though there are some very creative ideas you can try. These highly successful […]

  • September 5, 2018

13 Best Crowdfunding Websites and Kickstarter Alternatives for 2019

Best Crowdfunding Websites and Kickstarter Alternatives

Looking to fund a new project through Kickstarter? Crowdfunding is a great way to get an idea off the ground, but what you may not know is that there are other, similar sites that you can use to raise the capital you need–even funding on your own self-hosted site. Some work more or less exactly the same […]

  • September 3, 2018

Does Your Crowdfunding Logistics Plan Meet This 7 Point Check?

In the fall of 2015, backers of the Zano mini-drone were disappointed to learn that they wouldn’t be getting the drone under their Christmas trees. The company behind the pocket-sized drone filed for bankruptcy and apologized to the public. This seemed odd as they had the record for one of the largest European Kickstarter campaigns […]

  • August 30, 2018

How Crowdsourcing Is Replacing Funding Loans

How Crowdsourcing Is Replacing Funding Loans

Crowdfunding Crowdfunding is considered as the practice of funding to the venture or the project with the rise of a small amount of money that comes from a large number of people with the help of internet. The concept of crowdfunding is also referred to as the alternative finance and crowdsourcing. In the worldwide estimation […]

  • July 3, 2018
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