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With Floship’s advanced logistics technology, decisions on inventory management, order fulfilment, shipping, and returns have never been easier!

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Harness Scalability & Expansion Opportunities

Global Fulfillment Made Easy 


Intelligent Automations

Simplify, automate and customize your entire eCommerce fulfillment processes, from order to delivery, with just a few clicks.
The result? You have more time to focus on growing your business.

  • Improve Deliverability Rate
  • Minimize Shipping Cost & Time
  • Minimize Operation Errors
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Plug and Play Integrations

Connect, consolidate and synchronize all your shopping carts, marketplaces and ERPs and manage them on a single platform – in minutes. Scale your business to new markets and take advantage of expansion opportunities with just a few clicks!

  • Streamline Your Operation
  • Improve Operation Efficiency And Cost Savings Stress-Free
  • Harness Scalability And Expansion Opportunities
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Better Shipping Management

Get full visibility and control over parcel shipping, returns processes, global tracking and more – in minutes. Stay on top of the opertaion game and maximize customer satisfaction – without any stress.

  • Real-Time Visibility And Auto Updates
  • Stress-free Management Under One Platform
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
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Smart Inventory Updates

With the real-time inventory sync feature, inventory management is more transparent than ever. Receive automatic updates for all your SKUs, including saved and blocked items, as well as stock replenishment reminders, and never miss an order again.

  • Minimize Inventory Errors
  • Comprehensive Reporting And Data Insights
  • Full Visibility Across All Warehouse Locations
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Multicurrency Flexibility

Say goodbye to any problems with currency fluctuations! Thanks to the flexible display in multiple currencies, you can select different currency options for displaying the values of order items on CIs and AWBs as needed.

  • Reduce Operation Cost
  • Expand To New Markets Easily
  • Harness Scalability Opportunities
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Multiple Brands, One Account

Easily manage multiple e-commerce brands on the platform under a single account, leveraging cutting-edge solutions and results-driven processes. Keep your business structure lean and highly efficient.

  • Full Visibility & Control Across All Businesses
  • State-of-the-art Tech
  • Operation Time & Cost Optimisation
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Real-Time Track and Trace

Keep your end customers informed with real-time updates. Monitor the movement of your shipments in real time and effortlessly.

  • Easy Customer Support
  • Real-time Status Update
  • Maximise Customer Experience
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Seamless Returns Management

Automate your entire return processes to improve the overall customer experience. Simplify procedures so you can skyrocket customer satisfaction.

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction 
  • Stress-free Management Under One Platform
  • Operation Time & Cost Optimisation
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Cost Estimations

Smart cost estimation based on live pricing enhances billing predictability and allows brand owners to better budget their monthly operating expenses.

  • Shipping Cost Calculator
  • Duties and Taxes Calculator
  • Storage Cost Estimation
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