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The number of conversion an e-commerce website gains in a periodic cycle is considered ultimately as the success rate. Not only conversions but keeping your regular customers along with you is also a top priority for dealers. For the purpose, online store owners need to build better strategies. Keeping in mind the amount of competition as daily 16 e-commerce businesses are set up (GoDaddy), it is compulsory to think beyond the traditional approach.

Smart marketing with proper utilization of technology, recent business trends, and an in-depth insight through social media networks are the must-do jobs for them. Alongside these, providing your user with a good experience on your website is crucial.

Why Magento?

Magento is the best answer to all of your requirements. It is widely used in the world.

  • Average growth of merchants using Magento is 3 times faster
  • It powers about 1.2% web.
  • More or less 25,000 active sites use Magento.
  • It is used by 12% of all e-commerce websites.
  • It covers about 1.9% of the CMS market.

Growth of Magento in 2017 and 2018 has predicted that these numbers will be doubled during 2019.

Boost-up Magento Store Sales

This e-commerce platform based on open source technology provides merchants with several facilities. Including a flexible shopping cart system and content controlled environment, it enables you for ground-breaking advertising, proper search engine optimization and tools for catalog-management, eventually resulting in improved performance and achieving targets.

You can enhance your output using some fascinating Magento tactics discussed below.

1. Set On-Site Pop-ups

Pop-ups sometimes can be obnoxious but work usually. If you can utilize them to the best, they can all alone create high value. Artificial Intelligence can play a vital role in targeting your audience with the right pop-ups. Magento enables you with some clicks to create catchy pop-ups that work.

  1. Welcome new customers and collect their emails for signing up. Offer them discounts on registration, and it will work.
  2. Create an urgency sense with your customers. Promote timely sales and show them a rundown clock for the expiry time.
  3. Set up flash sales pop-ups for the visitors reaching via emails, AdWord, etc. or to the users who are about to leave your website. This tactic will ensure that the discount is not showcased to regular buyers.

2. User-Friendly Site Search

Many of the business owners neglect one of the best Magento features. Site searching is a feature provided, that can make your customers spend more time on your online store. Almost every website has this feature, but no so many of them are coping with it correctly.

It has been widely observed that users who use site searches are more likely to make a purchase. The reason is, they are on the site with some intent and are a lot further down in the channel.

You must have a proper check on your site searching feature, whether it is working good for your visitors or not. Installing extensions like Mirasvit, let you avail the best out of your searches.

Consider these tips for managing your searches:

  1. Search AutoComplete is an option that will allow you to show the relevant products as your customer start typing in the search bar.
  2. Search Auto Correction can be utilized to fix the miss spells.
  3. You may also add visuals or thumbnail images to search items within the search bar as it provides an overview of the products.

Site-Search not just only let your customers help to find their favorite products but also help you understand the behavior of your users. You can analyze the site search to:

  • Get an idea what your customers like and what they are more interested in.
  • Find out such brands and items which are out of stock and your customers are demanding
  • Keep a check on the frequent demanding items and stock items in order to not miss any purchase.
  • Using the stats, your automated email system can order your merchandise what your store is in need.

3. Content First Approach

Content is the first interaction of your visitor with your website. If your content is engaging and appealing, it will resist a consumer to move away. It will draw him to your sales funnel with engaging content.

An appealing content when placed at the top of the funnel, makes your visitor find the brand during their search for the desired product. Once, they are engaged with your brand, you are more likely to get a sale. You can utilize tools such as CrowdWriter and AustralianMaster to create content that converts.

Moreover, long keywords are the main key to Magento’s content first strategy. For this, tools such as MOZ and Google Trends can assist you.

4. Adopting Correct Extensions

Building an e-commerce website is a challenging task, and if you do not know which extension or features you must utilize, it will make it more difficult for you. I will discuss some essential extension which you should use to increase your sale.

a. Magento Live Chat:

Most of the online buyers are happy and satisfied when they are assisted by human support. 44% of users say that they are more satisfied asking queries to the live chat agents when making an online purchase. Being the most important feature a website can offer Magento provides many such extensions including:

  • LiveAgent – Live chat & Helpdesk
  • Provide Support Live Chat
  • Official Zopim Live Chat (Version 1)
  • Zopim Chat

b. Magento Cache Plugins

Users enjoy surfing the website working smoothly. The speed of your website matters a lot. In this busy world, people are more focused on time-saving. They might not wait for a few seconds of loading a page and would shift to another website. To overcome such situations, Magento offers cache plugins such as:

  • PageCache powered by Varnish
  • Cache ― Full Page Cache
  • Turpentine – Varnish Cache

c. Magento Mobile App

Recent studies have proved that most users prefer using mobile for the internet. To be precise about 50 to 60% searches and surfing is done on the mobiles. Hence it is necessary for any business to be responsive and can be accessed through mobiles phones, i.e., smart business for smart people. Below is some mobile apps extension for a Magento store:

d. Magento Blog Extension

People like reading and about 81% of American think they have a book in them. Blogging is the best way to engage these people. It will generate more traffic and increase sales. You, as an e-commerce website owner, must use a blogging extension to your online Magento store. Some extensions are:

  • Blog – Community Edition by aheadWorks
  • Blog Pro by amasty
  • Simple Blog extension

While Summing Upon my Tips

The tips described above will help you to encourage users to make purchases. However, more importantly, you should know that this is not a complete list of actionable techniques. Several other extensions, strategies, and approaches can create a huge impact on your sales.

I will recommend you to check other e-commerce websites as well and keep getting familiar with the trends.

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