Top 10 Magento (or E-Commerce) Trends to Follow in 2018

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Launched in 2008, Magento is a leading eCommerce platform trusted by famous brands such as Coca-Cola, Samsung and Burger King, as well as by millions of other small and mid-sized businesses worldwide.
In fact, Magento has left other popular eCommerce software behind. And for a good reason. That’s because it has more features, easy to scale, easier to customize. Plus, it offers a high degree of flexibility and functionality of the eCommerce websites.
With a huge number that has crossed a million downloads, Magento themes are popular among business owners who fundamentally try to rethink how, when, and how to engage clients and support their needs. Magento platform empowers large and growing businesses to scale more effectively and manage the customers at a global level.
All modesty aside, it’s safe to say that Magento deserves to be the most popular eCommerce platform these days. Simply put, Magento is a blend of scalability, flexibility, and extensibility at the fingertips.
At the end of the day, Magento rules the eCommerce world that’s why it’s important to learn top 10 Magento (or eCommerce) trends to follow in 2018 to thrive in today’s consumer-driven world.

Magento Trend #1: Mobile Friendliness

It’s not a secret that a small gadget merely fitting in the pocket allows today’s people to connect with the entire world with just a push of a button.
More importantly, the way businesses follow the online business marketing strategies predetermines success in reaching a wider audience. That’s why mobile friendliness is utmost necessary for today’s era for the success of the online business.
Mobile-responsive pages that are quick to load are the bread and butter of eCommerce website owners.
Mobile friendly Magento store
Simply put, Magento follows these rules by making its software mobile-friendly. Thus, it provides its users hassle-free experience of shopping anywhere, anytime.
Remember, users of mobile devices are quite impatient and they expect results almost instantly. With Magento, you allow them to make purchases from anywhere at any time.

Magento Trend #2: More Interactivity

Every once in a while customers find a website that catches their eye due to its simplicity and innovation.
With Magento, it’s possible to ensure your online store offers the most interactive experience possible. It’s important to ensure your customers are special and make them feel well treated.
The best way to do this is to collect the data of your customers, say, like their shopping behavior and let them offer product recommendations, discounts or promotional coupons whenever they land on your site.
Interactive online store
Thus, you’ll give them a sense of personalization and encourage them to trust to your e-store.
The main idea is to make the shopping experience as easy as possible for your customers. In fact, interactivity and simplicity should come together to help customers with the shopping experience.
Find an elegant solution that can help your brand stand out from your competitors and save the customers a lot of time during their decision-making process.

Magento Trend #3: Negative Space

Many online store owners make the mistake of creating overly busy and complex web designs, filling every corner with content or image.
Instead, the wise use negative space is integral to the user experience. The fact of the matter is that namely negative space within the design allows the user to comfortably absorb the information presented on the web page.
Negative space aka. white space on Magento
Sure thing, these negative space also known as white space do not have to be white. Feel free to use any color or include gradients, patterns or background on your web page to offer a stunning visual impact.
Use it as a buffer to stop your online store look cluttered, instead make your content more readable. Avoid bombarding your customers with images from all sides, avoid confusion to improve scan-ability to your visitors.

Magento Trend #4: Call-to-Action Buttons

With so many different design elements to consider, the proper design for call-to-action buttons can be unbelievably difficult to get right.
The thing is that the right CTAs can mean the difference between hundreds or even thousands of conversions of your online store.
Well, without a well-thought approach to the design and placement of CTAs, your customers will have a harder time shopping, purchasing and checking out on your site.
Call-to-action buttons on Magento
Remember that over 90% of your online visitors who read your content are going to read your CTAs, so make sure you adjust these buttons to speak directly to your audience.
Not to mention that a call-to-action button means nothing without a relevant landing page which is done correctly. At the end of the day, your CTA buttons are the last point of contact between your visitors and the conversion.
So, make sure you get your button noticed.

Magento Trend #5: Bold Typography

To begin with, typography is a vital element of graphic design.
Bigger, bolder and more extraordinary typography can add style and impact to your customers. In any case, Magento website owners are opting for less elaborate typefaces and pairing them with bold colors or gradients to create lettering that stands out.
Whether you like it or not but the use of bold typography will continue to dominate in Magento websites’ designs.
Use bold typography on ecommerce websites
Choosing the right typography which is blended with the appropriate graphics is essential to make your online store more visual.
Sometimes it can be the hardest thing to add an incredible visual impact to your content or cropped typography without losing in meaning.
Anyway, try to add a masterful touch to your Magento online store design through bolder typography. Besides, it’s one of the most effective trends to use.

Magento Trend #6: Grid Layout for Responsive Magento Stores

It’s not a secret that responsive design provides a better user experience.
That’s why a grid layout in its turn might be the best option for your Magento online store. It provides additional control over how the layout is handled on various screen sizes.
This means your visitors can easily access your e-store from various browsers, devices or operating systems without losing in visual quality.
Grid layout on ecommerce store
The thing is that grid-based design works well with such eCommerce web layouts like the product grid, product detail page, the header and footer, as well as other widgets or blocks.
At the same time, it’s very clear and easy to navigate the website. What’s more, website owners get more control over their Magento e-store.
And finally, this Magento trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

Magento Trend #7: Custom-Drawn Illustrations over Photos

The purpose of custom-drawn illustrations is to set a tone for your brand and add a more imaginative touch to your Magento online store.
No one loves plain photographs which do not communicate your ideas to the customers. To stand out in the game and make your own mark, it’s important to make it look unique.
Let your imagination go wild to create something more memorable. Supply your online store with nice custom-drawn illustrations that stick and differentiate your brand from others.
Custom drawn illustrations
Avoid exhausting photos which do not convey impressions and uniqueness. A good-looking custom illustration is the best way to narrate a story with creativity and infecting the user’s vision and mind.
It’s a good practice to strive for originality if you want your brand to stand out.
In fact, custom-drawn illustrations offer a more personalized touch to your visuals in a way that is clever, creative and appreciated by users.

Magento Trend #8: Storytelling

In the same way that different web design elements and visual styles add value to your online store, storytelling can have a strong influence.
Besides, it adds value to the customer experience. Your task is to explore the emotional side of content to trigger curiosity in people. In every transaction, it’s people who make decisions, not companies.
And a good, solid story is that one thing that can drive people to make those decisions.
Storytelling on Magento
Remember, when you tell a story, it provides a real-life contest to your services and products. This, in reality, captivates the attention of the users and inspire people to want to learn more.
In its turn, the emotions evoked by your Magento online store can help achieve a distinctive brand identity. Don’t shy away from storytelling as it can boost your eCommerce strategy.
At the end of the day, your stories can result in a valuable brand. Well, you and your bottom line, will be glad you did.

Magento Trend #9: Material Design

It goes without saying that material design is another very popular solution used on eCommerce websites.
With other words, material design means nothing but a fast downloading speed. It removes different decorative elements and allows a neat and authentic experience to your customers.
Material design ecommerce
Use material design principles to give your online store the breathing room from a clean design. Thus, it helps showcase your products and services in a better way.
Using this nifty technique, you can enhance the visual appeal and engagement aspect of your Magento online store.

Magento Trend #10: Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling for mobile commerce
If you wish to steal the show with your Magento online store, then you better use Parallax scrolling technique.
With the simple idea in mind that your product inventory will become larger, scrolling demands to be impressive enough to make space for it.
Keeping in mind that mobile users prefer swiping more than tapping, Parallax scrolling e-store allows improves storytelling. Thus, if you need to utilize the heavy amount of data in less time, you should make the use of scroll to give an engaging user experience.
Parallax scrolling is definitely the technique not to be missed.

Final Thoughts

In today’s top-notch competition, it becomes the need to keep the visitors satisfied with the hassle-free shopping experience.
We’ve tried to pick the most popular 10 Magento (eCommerce) trends to follow in 2018 to help you make the user experience a thrilling involvement where your product is the key of interest.
Have anything to add to these techniques? After all, whatever design style you want to use on your Magento e-store, make sure you’ve done it properly. Stop being just another face in the crowd!

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