Future-Proofing The Supply Chain Post Pandemic

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Supply Chain Post Pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it came as no surprise that supply chains all over the world were disrupted. Disturbances at industrial facilities and distribution centers because of lockdowns have made a stock excess in transportation and warehousing. Worldwide cargo sending market is expected to decrease by 7.5% in 2020, compared with the past year. Sea cargo volume constriction prompted delivering line clear sailings, port calling, deferred orders, waiver of demurrage and detainment charges at ports and so forth.  

Although the pandemic tested many parts of operational efficiency, it acted as a means of keeping medical supplies, food stuff, and other essentials in circulation. It has also upended the way many e-Commerce supply chains work, and has given Online retailers  a chance to relook at their logistics. As economies restart, businesses should settle on quick choices, and make prompt moves to support business activities with reliable agility and serve their clients and networks. The reused and reshaped supply chains of things to come, will be portrayed by versatility in dealing with transient emergencies and empowering organizations to assist economies in bouncing back. 

With the pandemic as the new normal and intermittent lockdowns still prevalent, businesses need to be prepared for similar unforeseen eventualities. Here are 5 areas e-Commerce business should focus on to stay future-proof:

Automation and analytics investments

Retailers can explore investments in advanced-analytics technologies and automation (including robotics) to improve service and reduce TCO to the network. A McKinsey survey of supply-chain executives found 64% of respondents now cite automating warehouse roles as the top digitization and automation priority. Floship’s industry leading digital platform uses Advanced Shipping Option Mapping (ASOM), which is a set of automated rules that provides real-time visibility, alerts as well as advance analytical information, so that you can make informed decisions about your logistics process and requirements  

Reconsider activities for “new ordinary” approaches to working – The new typical will expect tasks to be changed/controlled at conveyance centers to limit actual contacts, handle work deficiencies and further develop efficiencies to make items accessible at the perfect locations with impeccable timing. The packing and shipping process is much easier when people work in teams organized by a good logistics partner to improve their delivery times. At Floship, we offer same-day processing and shipping (cut-off time varies for each of our global warehouses) and with e-commerce site integration to our flagship portal, the entire fulfillment process is fully automated and optimized. 

Make new contributions to deal with requests – As customer conduct changes post COVID-19 and in the midst of vulnerability, significant industry players will change administration. This will require transportation players to help their clients with new contributions and conveyance models. At Floship, we make use of our data platform to  zero in on dealing with  delayed delivery times, and shipping issues, which are resolved at the quickest, and also  diminish expenses by further developing productivity by using advanced logistics technology. Understanding time is gold, the automated notifications function is also built in to the platform where users can receive  real time notifications  when there are any unexpected issues (like low stock, status updates etc.) and have a dedicated account manager to help follow up and look for best alternative solutions.

Personalization and zero-party information become key 

One of the two key patterns that characterized e-Commerce business in 2021 was the sensational change to information security started by Apple and how it failed a critical wellspring of clients for online business brands. Whenever Apple permitted clients to quit information following on iOS 14.5, Facebook lost admittance to significant client conduct information, which is the foundation of Facebook’s promotion focusing on. 2022 will mark similar instances and e-Commerce will need to quickly adjust to this change and future-proof themselves from a much greater change, the possible finish of outsider support and gathering information straightforwardly from their clients (zero-party information) and influence it for customized showcasing.  At Floship we take utmost care on security with regular security checks, vulnerability assessments, and testings. We also make sure the data and information are only available and shared with concerned parties for order management. Floship also provides a real-time operation status overview to their clients, which allows the client, as well as Floship, to ensure that the process is going as planned. 


 Reshape the start to finish Network 

The disturbances in global exchange throughout the course of recent years have uncovered weaknesses in online retailers’ present providers and geographic blends. The overly complicated supply chain model of the pastis not likely to serve the post-pandemic necessities of the world, so online retailers must act fast and start to gain full control over their global supply chain by rerouting their areas, geographies, and existing resources to match the new normal. 

 In such times, for any global logistics services provider , the essential expectation and number one goal ought to be to help their clients in limiting the effect of disturbances, to support long haul connections, and be a definitive accomplice of the entire fulfillment process . Floship’s complete end-to-end cross-border logistics solutions are built to simplify and optimize the entire supply chain so that  e-commerce businesses can scale quickly and expand globally, with confidence.  

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