5 Formidable Security Plugins Every Shopify Merchant Should Investigate

Eric Pong
Security Connectors for Shopify- Floship

Security is a growing issue for many Shopify stores.
Content theft, credit card fraud, and bot targeting are just some of the issues today’s online merchants face.

When you want to protect your online business and instill confidence in prospective customers, it is imperative you secure your site with the latest technology at your disposal.

To discover powerful security plugins for your Shopify store, check out the following roundup of innovative security tools you can use.

EasyLockdown – Access Management

Offered by NexusMedia, the EasyLockdown – Access Management plugin lets Shopify merchants block individuals from specific countries from viewing their ecommerce store.
You can create a list of blacklisted countries or allow certain individuals from those countries to visit your site.
Whether you want to avoid unnecessary refunds or protect your site’s images and product descriptions from content thieves, this new Shopify plugin is a must-investigate tool.

Age Check

Age Verify Example shopify plugin
Age Check example on a 18+ only vape site.

Lifter Apps’ Age Check plugin is an awesome resource for ecommerce merchants who sell age-restricted items.
Whether you sell adult content, tobacco, or alcohol-related items, making sure your buyers are of legal age is crucial.
This plugin lets you easily add an age verification widget to your Shopify store, making it super simple to ensure you comply with all local/national/international age verification laws.

Human Presence Technology

Human Presence Shopify plugin
Are you tired of bot visits skewing your Shopify analytics?
Add the Ellipsis Human Presence Technology plugin to your ecommerce store and you can protect your Shopify store against harmful computerized bots.
See which visitors are real and which ones originate with bot farms or hackers attempting to gain access to your site.

Content Protection [Shopify Plugin]

Content theft is a growing problem for ecommerce merchants.
Scammers and spammers can steal everything from your custom product descriptions to the images you carefully crafted for your store.
This powerful plugin lets you disable right-click interactions on your site as well as drag-and-drop actions.
Make it hard for cheats to benefit from your hard work; add the Content Protection plugin to your Shopify store and say goodbye to the rip-off artists.

McAfee Secure

The McAfee Secure plugin lets you show a McAfee security certification badge to your shoppers.
Help customers trust your Shopify store and feel comfortable giving you their credit card number and mailing address.
Trust issues have a huge impact on your conversion rates; this plugin makes it easier for you to close sales with new customers who aren’t sure if your store is trustworthy.

Bonus Shopify Plugin for Fulfillment

Find out how to Automate your Shopify Order Fulfillment process with the Shopify + Floship Plugin here!

The better you protect your Shopify store, the better your chances are of turning a profit.

You don’t want to give consumers any reason to mistrust your store and you don’t want to make it easy for thieves to rip you off.

Investigating powerful security plugins is a great way to discover the best Shopify plugins for your site and maintain an awareness of newly launched plugins too.
Will you be adding any of these Shopify security plugins to your online store?

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