Scaling Shopify – 3 Winning Tools to Skyrocket Your Store

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Scaling Shopify – 3 Winning Tools to Skyrocket Your Store- Floship

Shopify is one of the easier online small business software platforms that can also double as POS software and serves an inventory management function too!

The users of Shopify cover nearly every industry from T-shirt businesses and those that sell jewelry online to burgeoning enterprise level operations and startups.
The plug and play nature of the platform along with hundreds of templates and extensions make the system a go-to choice for those who want to get started fast with a standardized system that’s easy to maintain.

It’s also ideal or for entrepreneurs that have an idea they want to test in the market fast–following a lean startup framework.

Moreover it is utilized by many ecommerce sellers using drop shipping wholesalers and, as in our case, Floship helps Shopify sellers by offering hands-off order fulfillment services that integrate seamlessly with Shopify via Floship-Shopify plugins, or connectors, technology that connects your Shopify shopping cart to the Floship order fulfillment system.

  • Is Shopify your e-commerce platform of choice?
  • Are you making consistent sales but wish you could do more to improve the profitability of your online business?

Integrating available Shopify add-ons into your e-commerce store is a terrific way to improve your company’s chances of success.

The 5 Minute Guide to Scaling Your Shopify Shipping Strategy

Automate Your Fulfillment & Shipping

As  Shopify has matured a number of integrations and 3rd party connections have emerged that will save you time and can can help improve revenues for your store:

Pinterest Buy Buttons – Shopify Buyable Pins

Available via the Shopify app store, savvy shop owners are adding a “buy” button to their social media marketing strategy.
Pinterest Buy Button for Shopify

Add your product images to Pinterest, and then include both a “pin it” button and a “buy” button to each uploaded product.

Customers are able to purchase your products directly from Pinterest, using either a mobile payment app on their smartphone or a credit card.

Shopify for Apple Watch

For on-the-go sales notifications, you can add Shopify to your Apple Watch to keep you up-to-date on your latest store activities while you are on the go.

Keep on top of your sales with Shopify for Apple Watch Integratiion
The shopify for Apple Watch app allows you to monitor both the number of orders your online store has received each day, as well as revenue.

This mobile app pairs perfectly with the Shopify iOS app, so you’ll always have immediate access to your sales figures.
Check out: Shopify Now Available for Apple Watch post on the Shopify blog.

Shopify Inventory Management by Veeqo

Veeqo is an all-in-one ecommerce software that allows retailers to manage and automate their entire business. The software’s multichannel inventory management allows retailers to sync inventory across  multiple Shopify stores, channels, ecommerce marketplaces and warehouses in real-time ensuring that you never oversell again. View, edit and print orders taking complete control with Veeqo’s order management software. With multichannel shipping and fulfilment capabilities you can ship customer orders from any sales channel directly in Veeqo with just a few clicks. By integrating with the world’s leading couriers, it’s easy to ship to customers anywhere in the world.

Shopify Dropshipping

When you are selling or marketing other company’s products and you don’t want to hold and fulfill the inventory yourself, consider integrating Shopify Dropshipping into your growth plans.

Drop shipping is a supply chain management method in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.”  (source)

This handy add-on lets you automatically dropship products directly from your supplier to your customers.

Shopify Dropship Integration Floship

No more worrying over ordering too much of a product or not having enough on hand for sales spurts; structuring your Shopify store as a dropshipper makes running your profitable online business easy.

Floship Fulfillment – Shopify Connector

This is a must have tool for Shopify business owners that have frequent shipments to customers worldwide and use Floship as their fulfillment provider.

Floship-Shopify Connector for Fulfillment
Installing the Floship-Shopify connector app is as simple as a few clicks; it turns your Shopify order fulfillment into a seamless and hands-off process.

Features include:

  • read products,
  • variants and collections;
  • read orders,
  • transactions and
  • fulfillments;
  • modify your chosen fulfillment services…

….or automate the whole process. It’s up to you.

Ready to take your order processing to the next level:

Find out how to Automate your Shopify Order Fulfillment process with the Shopify + Floship Integration here!

Conclusion: Using Smart Shopify Add-ons Can Simplify Your Fulfillment and Improve Sales

When using Shopify as the operating system for your online business, keep abreast of the latest plugin developments by checking the Shopify app store  frequently.

You never know there may be a new development that will save you time, or take your sales to the next level.

Keeping aware of Shopify add-ons is an excellent way to maximize the potential of your digital business. You’ll be able to optimize each customer interaction and improve the profitability of your store.
When will you start start incorporating any of these resources into your e-commerce venture?

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