Best Tips To Rock Your Magento 2 Store

Magento 2.0 tips
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Digital marketing has emerged as one of the most effective ways to promote products and sell goods online. It is crucial to find a large number of web customers for online sales to boost traffic.
To run a successful business, you need to look into all the factors and features that are required to propel queue. This can be done with a better understanding of customer behaviors and demands as well as the changing marketing trends. To evaluate whether your online business is reaching the targeted market, all you need are serious marketing practices to apply.

What Is Magento?

Magento is the most popular and fast-growing open-source E-commerce platform with enhanced, innovative and extensive customized features. After successfully operating in the market, Magento was upgraded to Magento 2. However, the users were left on their own choice in between the two. There are several reasons you should choose Magento 2. It offers a platform to grow your E-commerce business. It is suitable for professionals and entrepreneurs as well as for those who are looking for multi-channel retailers.

Why You Should Migrate To Magento 2

Magento is the earlier version, and it was upgraded to Magento 2 to provide a suitable and more efficient platform to its users to increase sales. 
You may need to migrate from Magento to Magento 2 as:

  1. It developed its payment options.
  2. Agencies are building a case study for new business.
  3. It has introduced new features to function effectively.
  4. The Admin interface has been improved
  5. Products import has been given a chance for improvement.

According to stats, about 50,314 sites are using Magento 2. Out of the 4,181 are in the top 1M.

Factors Influencing The Web Shopping Experience

There are several factors which need to be added in your website before you rock your business using Magento 2. 

  1. Delivery time estimation should be realistic.
  2. Complex checkout process is one of the most common issue faced. 
  3. Free shipping influences sales.
  4. Safe and secure online payment option should be available.
  5. Tracking of the orders makes a website reach heights.

With the great marketing competition all around us, it is estimated that there will be 1.92 billion global buyers in 2019. To stand out in this huge crowd, you need to use smart tactics and the latest technology for your store. 

Tips To Boost Magento 2 Store:

When you are aware of the most common issues that stop you from ranking higher. You need to improve all the features that customers look before ordering on a website. Following are some tips and tactics, you need to follow to rock the physical appearance too to gain higher traffic on your E-commerce website.
Here are some points we need to look into for better customer experience:

1.    Increase page loading speed:

The speed of your store is one of the crucial element for accessibility and traffic for the website. Google prefers sites which can load in 2 to 3 seconds because it helps customer to not wait for so long. When the speed is slow, there are higher chances that you’ll lose more than half of the traffic. Most people shut off without purchasing, so get yourself a guideline to speed up your Magento Store. 
There are several powerful performance extensions for Magento such as Page Speed to speed up your store. 

 2.    Homepage promotion, a useful tip to boost traffic:

There are many hacks and tricks you can use to attract visitors to your store. The best experience is showcasing your product on the homepage as it gets easier for the customer to know what your store stands out in. Change the homepage items frequently, so you have a larger influenced audience because appealing is what matters for an online store.  

3.    Simplified checkout process: 

Magento’s checkout should be easy for a customer. Holding a long list of items and waiting for it to clear out is one of the experiences faced which needs to be taken care of. E-commerce players lose customers at the end of the game. Make sure your store has an easy to go process that makes it efficient and brings a huge amount of succes. Keep your order process simple and you will enjoy more checkouts. Customized checkout, as well as Smart One Step Checkout extensions, are useful to design the process efficiently. 

4.    Offer free shipping

Shipping is one of the essential elements of an online store. When you offer free shipment, most people buy their “add to cart” items. It will boost your sales and bring you more customers.
Different offers and discounts too can be added business in your store, such as Bundled discount extension may serve a mean to attract people. 

5.    Multiple payment offers

You need to offer safe, secure and user-friendly payment options. Multiple options serve as one of the most fruitful tips to successfully sell online and drive traffic to the store. This generates better results as the people will not face obstacles while ordering. 
You can use extensions such as Pay ever, Citcon Pay, Cashfree Payment and many more for safe and secure payment. 

 6.    Create and send newsletters

80 percent of people stop doing business with a company because of poor customer experience.
A newsletter that is captivating and beautifully explains about all the new features and stuff you added to your store will grab the user’s attention. Try to create attractive newsletters, you can always seek assistance from writing services for better and catchy articles for your newsletter. This, in return, will be a driving force to gain new customers and keep the existing ones alive. 
You can get some help from advanced newsletter extension to boost up the email marketing campaign. 

7.    Optimize for search engines

The most beneficial and experienced formula to drive traffic to an online store is the optimization of the search engine. Your website should use SEO techniques to appear higher on the search engine to increase sales and attract customers. Google values websites with higher traffic as well as sites and stores which develops and improves its features with time. 

8.    Photography is the key

A clear and captivating image catches the user’s eyes in the first look and that what your aim is. Every product of yours should be presented well with the use of high-quality images and a well-written description that suits the object. It helps in better understanding and evaluating whether the customer should buy it or not. 
Image optimizer will help you optimize your image to speed up the loading and Product review image to show how to use the product in real life. 

9.    Keep everything simple to digest:

Consumers are most likely to trust a business that makes it easy to understand and evaluate. 
From navigation to content and description, keep everything simple. Make a short catching description rather than writing a useless paragraph that bores the customer. Several websites are running in Magento, so making it complicated makes you lose customers.

10.    Fully integrated fulfillment solutions:

Storing products in a warehouse, inventory management, order picking, labeling and delivery can be rather time consuming and costly procedures. They are however, necessary to the success of your business. After all, your customers would want to receive what they pay for. You could however decide to outsource this and partner with a fulfillment provider.
Floship is one of Asia’s largest e-commerce order fulfillment providers. We help our clients store their SKUs in our warehouses, pick and pack incoming orders within 24 hours and ship the parcels cross-border, worldwide from either Hong Kong or Shenzhen, China. Doing this through Hong Kong has tons of benefits, such as avoiding current USA-China trade war tariffs and tax rates.
Our entire process is automated through our in-house developed, proprietary software. Our API integrates with over 65 different e-commerce platforms, Magento 2.0 being one of them.
Interested? Fill out our consultation form and we will be in touch with you. We understand that each and every business is different and has different problems to solve. We therefore always create custom solutions. Fees depend highly on multiple aspects, such as: weight, dimensions, packaging material, whether or not it needs marketing inlays, if it has batteries or liquids, how fast the shipping is, mode of transport and which country it is sent to.
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Need 10 More reasons why you should choose Magento for your e-commerce business?


Magento is the best-offered platform to enhance your business. All you need to look after are the above-given tips to take your sales like a storm. Give your customer reasons to shop over and over again by making your store easily accessible and user-friendly. Look closely into all the features you can add to make it catching so that you drive more traffic to it. 
Keep everything simple; words, content and the high-quality images. You are good to go! Rock your Magento Store.

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Annie Megan is an independent girl who has completed her Master in recent past. She aims to deliver knowledge and her expertise to others. Annie is currently working as an E-commerce specialist at Assignment Guarantee. She likes to meet new people and often participates in healthy debates. 

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