Floship #6 in Top 25 Supply Chain Management Startups 2017

Eric Pong
Floship wins top supply chain startup- Floship

Floship has been named by Explore WMS as one of the top 25 supply chain startups.
Floship has achieved #6 in the Explore WMS ranking and were highlighted for their impressive search presence, ranking top of the shortlist for the growth metric.
The research, based on publicly available equity funding, organic search  and social media data, ranks each vendor according to their readiness to take advantage of new technology markets.

Twenty-five warehouse and supply chain technology vendors made the list.

Floship Wins Ecommerce Supply Chain ranking

Lauren Stafford, Explore WMS Publishing Specialist said:

“In acknowledging these new companies in the arena of supply chain technology, we hope to demonstrate the wealth of innovative talent forging the way when it comes to exciting shifts in shipping, distribution and warehouse processes. Previously this area of operations has been considered a cost centre, but these startups understand that a flexible supply chain is a highly competitive asset.”

Kathryn Beeson, Editor at Explore WMS said:

“Through analyzing this data we’ve been able to build an interesting picture of vendors using their creativity to break into the industry. We think our resource will prove valuable to anyone looking to learn more about how technological advancements are shaping the future of the supply chain.”

About Explore WMS

Explore WMS is an online publication which caters to professionals across the industry. It provides product and industry news, alongside whitepaperscomparison tools and how-to guides for WMS professionals looking for advice on selecting, implementing and running supply chain and warehouse technology.

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