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Online, there are no borders. Crowdfunding democratized product development. Floship democratizes crowdfunding fulfillment.

Ship your rewards to backers without any hassle, anywhere.

The World's #1 full service crowdfunding fulfillment house geared toward project creators who need an easy way to get their backers worldwide.

From giant Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns all the way to location independent micro-multinational product entrepreneurs, Floship excels at supporting the budding startup, crowdfunding newbie to serial product launch pro, we can work with you at any scale.
Kickstarter Fulfillment

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Crowdfunding Logistics

Over time we have perfected our process for fulfilling large crowdfunding campaigns enabling us to offer special discounted rates for these projects.

Some of the world’s largest crowdfunding campaigns trust their fulfillment with Floship:

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Floship Certified Logistics Plan

The Floship Certified Logistics Plan (FCLP) allows crowdfunders, like you, to build trust with backers.

Displaying the FCLP on your crowdfunding page ensures backers that (1) your team has been proactive and understands the complexities of fulfillment; that, (2) your crowdfunding project has a sound logistics plan; that, (3) you have taken account or what is necessary to reliably and cost-effectively get products from your manufacturer into the hands of your backers.

The Seal is available free of charge to crowdfund projects that have undergone a thorough evaluation to ensure that your team is fully aware of all the logistical requirements to fulfill your product to backers worldwide.

Upon successful completion of a crowdfunding logistics evaluation, your project will be issued a unique certificate page identifying all the logistics factors your project passed.

Embedding the FCLP on your campaign page and linking to your unique certificate page enhances your projects credibility and tends to result in increased pledge amounts raised for those who have been approved to display their FCLP certification.

Factors included in your FCLP evaluation:


Avoid nasty surprises by ensuring you have correctly budgeted your delivery costs for all markets
  • Calculate realistic logistics cost projection and pricing
  • Demonstrate a plan that will guarantee delivery within a reasonable time after the manufacturing is completed
  • Price shipping costs for carriers in all major markets and have plans to accept returns in the event that the product cannot be delivered
  • Demonstrate a plan to handle returns in the European Union, North America and Asia Pacific


From customs clearance to durable packaging that will deliver your goods safe and sound
  • Understand the customs obligations of the seller and the buyer in all major markets
  • Demonstrate a plan to drop-test their final packaged good to ensure it is not damaged during shipping
  • Supply all required shipping safety documents and certifications

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Crowdfunding Logistics

We started working with Floship on our first Kickstarter project, which had over 1,300 customers worldwide […] not only did Floship made it easy for us, it turns out Floship was able to accurately process and ship out all of the goods within 2 days time and 99% of our customers received the goods within 14 days.

Gary So
Director of Marketing, SOUL Holdings Limited

Over 150 projects shipped to backers in more than 80 countries
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