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Global Crowdfunding Fulfillment

You are running your own Crowdfunding Campaign and are looking for a partner to help you ship your goods to your backers across the globe.

You want it to be a fully integrated, end-to-end solution. You want satisfied backers, and you don't want to waste your time worrying about shipping yourself. 

Floship is the answer you are looking for. We are the World's Number 1 in Crowdfunding Fulfillment. Ship your rewards to backers without any hassle, anywhere. 

Crowdfunding Fulfillment

Shipping often gets overlooked!

You focus on developing your products, your marketing strategies and financing. All goes well, you get more and more backers and you are finally reaching your funding goals. You are happy. Your campaign ends; time to ship the rewards to your backers! Wait,... how?

Right. Many people forget to figure out the shipping part upfront - resulting in annoyed backers, bad press; a bad start. You should consider the costs involved with shipping as well, to avoid surprises. 

The fact that you are here means that you did think about shipping. Congrats! Request a Free, No Strings Attached Consultation and lets go over your specific needs. Floship can help you find a tailor-made solution according to your needs.

Note. Floship currently only works with Crowdfunding Campaigns that have at least 500 backers. 

Crowdfunding Campaigns that Trust Floship

Over time we have perfected our process for fulfilling large crowdfunding campaigns enabling us to offer special discounted rates for these projects. We have successfully fulfilled over a hundred Crowdfunding Campaigns, some of which are:

Start benefiting from our expertise today.

Earin Earbuds Fulfillment
Powerup 3.0 fulfillment
Baubax Fulfillment
juicies fulfillment
Kaisr fulfillment
Revols fulfillment
North Of You LLC Arsenal fulfillment
Pressy fulfillment

Dedicated Account Manager

Besides our impressive tech, you will also be assigned a dedicated Account Manager, to help you out whenever something requires attention. 

That way, you will know exactly who to talk to. No more back and forward between several parties that refuse to take responsibility.​

Also, our team speaks a combined total of 10 languages. Language barriers? Not while we are around!

Designated Account Manager at Floship
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Floship Certified Logistics Plan

The Floship Certified Logistics Plan allows Crowdfunders like yourself to build trust with backers. Stand out. Get certified.

Displaying the FCLP on your crowdfunding page ensures backers that,

(1) your team has been proactive and understands the complexities of fulfillment; that,

(2) your crowdfunding project has a sound logistics plan; that,

(3) you have taken account of what is necessary to reliably and cost-effectively get products from your manufacturer into the hands of your backers.

The Seal is available free of charge to crowdfund projects that have undergone a thorough evaluation to ensure that your team is fully aware of all the logistical requirements to fulfill your product to backers worldwide.

Floship Certified Logistics Plan
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Why Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is the World’s Largest Air-Freight Hub.

Floship's headquarters and warehouses are located in Hong Kong. What this means for you is the fastest shipping time and the lowest prices for all your international eCommerce shipments.

In today's world, there are virtually no borders when you ship with Floship. Logistics professionals agree that Hong Kong is the best choice for staging international fulfillment because Hong Kong offers the lowest shipping costs and generous trade-friendly regulations.

From e-fulfilllment to merchandise delivery, your dream of simple, worldwide shipping has arrived.

Hong Kong Order Fulfillment

Foolproof Pricing: No Hidden Fees

Tired of nit picking charges that confuse you and catch your business projections unprepared? With Floship those days are over.

There are only three simple fees when you take advantage of the Floship global e-commerce fulfillment model:

  • Pick & Pack: Picking is taking an item from inventory. Packing is placing items in a ready-to-ship package for shipment.

  • Storage: Tiered rates that decrease as your shipments increase.

  • Shipping: Dependent on the speed and courier you choose, easy to optimize with recommendations customized to you within the Floship Fulfillment Portal.

Transparent Billing

Reach New Markets

When your logistics are handled by the best in the business, you can take your newly found peace of mind and focus on other things like taking your e-commerce business to the next level.

The Floship Advantage:

  • Get it done: Western management team with flexibility and can-do startup mentality.
  • Streamline your operation: The only company with easy global fulfillment and cutting edge technology like shopping cart connectors allowing the automation of your fulfillment.
  • Save money: volume discounts - the more you ship, the more you save.
Reach New Markets

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