Getting Started in E-Commerce: A Guide for Small Businesses

E-Commerce Fulfillment

The only way for a small business to grow is to reach new customers, and it shouldn’t come as any surprise that many of the opportunities in the digital age lie with the Internet. E-commerce gives you the chance to reach out to a national or even a global audience in a way that was […]


7 Hacks for Launching a Product on Amazon

Launch a Product on Amazon

If you a planning on launching a product on Amazon in 2019, whether as a new seller or a seasoned Amazon veteran, there are certain hacks that you should know to ensure a successful Amazon product launch. Employing certain tactics and technique can make all the difference when it comes to driving leads, increasing sales […]


Crowdfunding: Raising Money from Strangers

crowdfunding money

Crowdfunding is an innovative concept that involves persuading people and organizations to contribute small amounts of money to fund projects or businesses. You can raise hundreds, thousands or even millions of dollars, depending on how creative and viable your business proposition is. Suppose you convince thousands of people, and each of them contributes $10, $100 […]


E-commerce Packaging 101: 4 Ways Packaging Can Benefit Your Brand

E-Commerce Packaging

The e-commerce sector has grown rapidly over the past decade, it’s now reported to account for nearly 15% of the retail sales market. While this is an impressive amount of growth in what is still a relatively young market, it’s now more important than ever for online retailers to maximize their availability, influence and brand […]


How M-Commerce Applications Complement Desktop Shopping Platforms

M-Commerce for E-Commerce Platforms

Most of the e-commerce owners launch websites as a supplementary means to promote their brand online while still owning a real shop. If e-commerce was initially created to support the businesses, why should one invest time and money into yet another online shopping channel? Besides, desktop versions of shopping websites can be opened with the […]


How to Use Influencer Marketing for Your eCommerce

influencer marketing for ecommerce businesses

In order to stay competitive in today’s market, a strong social media presence is crucial for any business. Although traditional marketing methods are still the base of most marketing strategies, the constant rise of the number of social media networks and their users opens a whole new world of product placement options. In addition, social […]


Your Kickstarter Campaign — Three Prelaunch Stages to Never Overlook

Kickstarter Campaign Stages

Everyday, the importance of crowdfunding as an alternative source of financing seems to grow. The model has had such resounding success that it has attracted everyone from “starving artists” to entrepreneurs, even big businesses like Sony. Some say the success of crowdfunding is from more consumers seeking more personal connections with their choice of products. […]


9 Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

reduce cart abandonment

Despite your best efforts, some shoppers will abandon their cart before completing their purchase. Data from the retail marketing firm Listrak shows the average rate of cart abandonment is 80 percent. That’s 4 in 5 shoppers leaving your site before confirming a purchase. How can you minimize shopping cart abandonment for your e-commerce business? 1. […]


6 Tips on Cross-Border E-Commerce from China

Cross Border China E-Commerce

If e-commerce is the driving force of global economy, then it’s safe to say that China is the driving force of global economy. Over 40% of the e-commerce transactions in the world take place in this country. In the future, the influence of Chinese companies and customers on the global e-commerce market is expected to […]


9 Essential Things You Didn’t Know About E-Commerce

9 things about ecommerce

E-Commerce has become a monster industry in the last decade. Online retail revenue is constantly on the rise, with the 2019 forecast climbing up to the staggering $3.5 trillion. The new way of shopping is seriously threatening traditional stores as now 40% of purchases are made using only an online channel for searching and buying. […]