10 Facts About the Chinese Digital Empire

Chinese Digital Empire

China wasn’t always the economic and political giant it is today. They got to their current point with nothing but good organization and outstanding determination. From 1989 to this year, China has averaged an amazing 9.58% in GDP Annual Growth Rate. In recent years, this rise has become even more astonishing, and it’s all thanks […]


8 Tips for Writing E-Commerce Product Descriptions that Sell

e-commerce product descriptions

Selling a product doesn’t rely merely on the quality of that product. Instead, the process involves a well-constructed product content strategy. With it, you promote the product and raise awareness about its presence with both customers and competitors. To do so, you need a good product description. It’s the first thing that a customer sees […]


How to Benefit from the Multi-channel World for Your E-Commerce Business

Multichannel Ecommerce Business

Most e-commerce businesses start their journey from a single sales channel, which is often a social media platform or a blogging website with plugins to set up an e-commerce business (like WordPress). It’s a shame that most of these e-commerce businesses stick to using a single sales channel without exploring more possibilities that can potentially […]


Marketing for Chinese Lunar New Year: Remember These Shopping Habits

Chinese New Year Marketing

When it comes to sales, the Lunar New Year is the most important time in the Chinese calendar. Also known as Chinese New Year or Spring Festival, this holiday marks the start of a new moon and is the most significant celebration of the year. It’s usually known as a lucky time for Chinese people, […]


The Increase of Eco-Friendly Products and Packaging

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Why is there an increased demand for eco-friendly products and packaging? The rise of conscious consumerism has directly impacted the way in which companies and retailers are manufacturing their products. A ‘conscious consumer’ is an individual who considers the social, ecological, environmental and political impact of products, leading them to make positive decisions regarding the […]


Make Your Customers Happy: Holiday Packaging Tips for Ecommerce Brands

Holiday Packaging Tips eCommerce

Don’t you feel like the holiday season comes unexpectedly fast each year? Well that’s because more and more people are getting tired of late delivery, so they decide to place their orders sooner. That’s why eCommerce brands have to start developing their holiday marketing campaign way before Thanksgiving. The good news is that most brand […]


How to Get Capital For Your Startup Business

Startup Business Capital

You’ve decided it’s time. Years of planning and hard work are coming together in a business plan for your future. You’ve dreamed of starting a business for years, and now you’re on the verge of making it a reality. You can hardly contain your excitement. Whether you’re selling a product or service, you’ve got a […]


Crowdfunding in China: Practices and Trends You Need to Know

Crowdfunding in China

Crowdfunding only hit the business world a decade ago, but it has already revolutionized the way we do business. Through platforms like Indiegogo and Kickstarter, any entrepreneur with a strong idea and a good plan can attract backers to financially support their product. When banks are unwilling or unable to lend entrepreneurs and innovators the […]


Selling to China: What Do Chinese Consumers Expect From eCommerce?

Chinese consumers expectations

Western consumers may have varying opinions on Chinese customer service thanks to the huge volume of Chinese retailers and exports. You might have received an order from a Chinese seller which is poorly packaged or arrives after seemingly endless weeks of waiting. However, this doesn’t mean that Chinese products are generally badly delivered. Similarly, it […]


Top 10 Foreign Products Trending Among Chinese Consumers

foreign products chinese consumers

Online shopping is one of China’s most beloved pastimes – literally! A recent KPMG survey found that 77% of Chinese consumers said that online shopping was their favorite leisure activity. Chinese consumers also spend more of their income online than consumers anywhere else across the globe, approximately three times as much as consumers in the […]