The Untapped Potential Of Chinese Millennial Consumers

Untapped Potential Of Chinese Millennial Consumers

If you’re a savvy business owner, you’ve probably realized that marketing in China could play a huge role in your company’s future growth. Economists expect that China will be the world’s largest economy by 2030 and thanks to rapid industrialization, Chinese consumers are spending more than ever before. It’s clear that there is huge potential […]


Why Your eCommerce Business Should Ship Through Hong Kong

Why Ship Through Hong Kong

eCommerce is a thriving market. In 2017, global eCommerce sales accounted for around $2.3 trillion US dollars and this number is expected to grow to $4.88 trillion by 2021. Although it is a relatively new phenomenon, eCommerce is opening up the world and making it easier for businesses to sell their products to consumers all […]


7 Tips For Marketing Your Brand To Chinese Consumers

Tips for Marketing Your Brand To Chinese Consumers

You can’t ignore the huge growth currently taking place in the Chinese market. As the world’s second largest economy, China is already the globe’s biggest market for many products and it is continuing to grow at a staggering rate. Even accounting for some slowdown, China is likely to become the world’s largest economy by 2030. […]


Reasons Why All Eyes Are On Chinese Produced Goods

All Eyes Are On Chinese Produced Goods

In recent years, importing goods from China and shipping them across the globe has become a huge business. Chinese products are among the most used products in the market. You can find them everywhere. If you take a look around you, you will not fail to see at least one or two Chinese products either […]


How to Choose the Best B2B eCommerce Platform for Your Business

choose best ecommerce platform

If you want to remain competitive in the modern world, you need an online store. This applies to both small and medium-sized B2B businesses. However, before reaching out to the development team, you need to choose the right platform that will suit the requirements of your business. It is important to understand that all companies […]


10 Smart Tips to Revamp the Performance of Your Magento Store

10 Tips to Revamp Magento Store

Magento is one of the leading e-store engines out there. It’s great for growing your business big: with Magento you can run several e-stores within one dashboard, each of them featuring thousands of products. Sounds great? That’s true. However, some website owners keep nagging about the slow performance of Magento. Don’t take these claims seriously! […]


Neutral Ground: How to Escape the US-China Trade War by Shipping from Hong Kong

US-China Trade War Shipping

Since his inauguration, President Donald Trump has kept his campaign promises by aggressively looking to reassert America’s role as the world’s manufacturing leader in detriment of China.   Starting on January of this year, when President Trump imposed tariffs on solar panels and washing machines, America’s tariff wall has extended to cover everything from steel […]


6 Fulfillment Tips To Make Black Friday A Success

6 Fulfillment Tips Black Friday Success

Black Friday is coming up soon and with it an increase in web traffic and orders online: Last year, 2017, Black Friday saw record sales, with the US spending $7.9 billion, 18% more than the year before. The combination of high order value but lower average spending means there are more people shopping and therefore […]


Global E-Commerce Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

Global E-Commerce

If you have a business that’s selling anything online, you’re involved in e-commerce. Companies that don’t sell online are being left behind and finding that they’re struggling to keep up. Naturally, there are some things that a person just can’t do online, like perform some types of services. But that doesn’t mean those services can’t […]


Bitter Reality: How Blockchain Is Disrupting Traditional eCommerce

How Blockchain Is Disrupting Traditional eCommerce

While people who have invested in cryptocurrencies have doubts whether cryptocurrencies are going to replace traditional money or not, nobody has doubts about the potential of blockchain and its importance. Companies from completely different industries are implementing blockchain-based solutions and see how this technology disrupts any industry it touches. According to the data of CB […]