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Show your CONSUMER TECH gadget to new audiences through the multi-channel Tech Daily video series hosted by Timo Chui. There is no cost to apply for the opportunity to get your product reviewed and seen by a whole new audience via the China Daily Facebook page, their WeChat channel, YouTube, Youku & More 


Whether you're just getting started with your business or you are in the middle of a
crowdfunding campaign, our partnership with China Daily is here to take your innovative tech
product to a whole new audience.

Aside from the opportunity for distribution on China Daily's website
... you'll also be broadcast on....

Distribution to 7,740,000+ fans via China Daily's Facebook page, you can check out the channel - just click on the link below:

'Tech China: All things Tech in China'

Recently launched, in fall 2016, the Tech in China youtube viewership continue to grow. Subscribe to the channel to stay up to date via the hot-link:

'TECH CHINA - Take a trek through China's latest tech.'

With over 800 million daily active users, WeChat is the mobile platform of choice across wider China and parts of Southeast Asia. Users and companies, like China Daily, can publish micro-blogs on the platform and topics quickly become viral.

'Download WeChat'


Frequently Asked Questions


Does it cost anything to submit my product or to move forward with media coverage?

Everything is free - although you would be expected to provide a product sample which may get beat-up during our sometimes-humorously-extreme reviews. All requests to return samples will be honored. All shipping costs will be paid-for by your company.

Will the coverage be in English?

China Daily is an English site and content will be published in English (see examples above). China Daily is most famous for it print publication, BUT this opportunity is for the new China Daily video channels.

Will I have a say in my product review?

China Daily’s editors will contact you directly to understand your product and your story. While you will have the opportunity to pitch your product directly to them, the editors have final say on all content published.


Where can I find out more about China Daily?

You can find our more about the China Daily Group here


What if the editors do not like the product? Will they do a potentially negative review of my product?

The show is upbeat, positive, and humorous in nature. If the editors do not find value in your product for their channel, they will simply not review the product.

Do I have to be a Floship customer to submit my product?


If people from China want to purchase my product, how would I arrange for this?

Selling into China can be a complicated topic which involves cross border fulfillment issues.

Floship is experienced and suited to help brands break into the world’s largest consumer and eCommerce market: China.

Contact Floship to find out more.



Find out if your gadget is fit for the China Daily Tech Review Team.