Floship's Certified Logistics Plan

"This project looks amazing! I would love to invest, but, will they be able to deliver what they promise?"

I'm sure the thought has crossed your mind before when looking at other people's Crowdfunding Campaigns. You're not alone. Many potential Backers share this concern. Shipping the actual goods over gets overlooked. Yet, it can go so wrong. So what could you do to gain backers' trust, and their funds.

Get Certified. It's FREE. Really.

Floship Certified Logistics Plan

What do I benefit from showcasing this "FCLP" certification?

Great question. We're glad you asked.

Being certified tells your backers that:

(1) your team has been proactive and understands the complexities of fulfillment; that,

(2) your crowdfunding project has a sound logistics plan; that,

(3) you have taken account of what is necessary to reliably and cost-effectively get products from your manufacturer into the hands of your backers.

With other words..

It tells your backers that they can trust you, that they will receive their rewards as promised.

The best part?

It is Free.

FCLP Benefit in Numbers

Crowdfunding Campaigns that have a Floship Certified Logistics Plan and showcase the Badge, raise on average $229,157 USD and raise 588% more than the average successful Kickstarter Campaign without the FCLP badge.


FCLP's that launched a campaign


average raised per FCLP campaign


more than a non-FCLP campaign


raised in total by FCLP campaigns


People who backed a FCLP campaign

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So, tell me how it works?

Embedding the FCLP on your campaign page and linking to your unique certificate page enhances your projects credibility and tends to result in increased pledge amounts raised for those who have been approved to display their FCLP certification. 

Easy as that.

Of course. 

The Seal is available free of charge to crowdfund projects that have undergone a thorough evaluation to ensure that your team is fully aware of all the logistical requirements to fulfill your product to backers worldwide.

Upon successful completion of a crowdfunding logistics evaluation, your project will be issued a unique certificate page identifying all the logistics factors your project passed.

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How about the Factors included in my Evaluation?


Avoid nasty surprises by ensuring you have correctly budgeted your delivery costs for all markets

  • Calculate realistic logistics cost projection and pricing
  • Demonstrate a plan that will guarantee delivery within a reasonable time after the manufacturing is completed
  • Price shipping costs for carriers in all major markets and have plans to accept returns in the event that the product cannot be delivered
  • Demonstrate a plan to handle returns in the European Union, North America and Asia Pacific


From customs clearance to durable packaging that will deliver your goods safe and sound

  • Understand the customs obligations of the seller and the buyer in all major markets
  • Demonstrate a plan to drop-test their final packaged good to ensure it is not damaged during shipping
  • Supply all required shipping safety documents and certifications

Get Floship Certified!

Show potential backers that you got a solid logistics plan.

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